The glass tanks



Heater/heater pad

Sphagnum moss

Salt containing iodine

Clorox household bleach,unscented

Misting bottles, 2 or 3

Distilled water, *fresh

Eyedroppers, 2 or 3.

Hand sanitizer gel

Brown or green Glass medicine bottles, rinsed and sterilized.

1 or 2 glass petri dishes

Fish-grade ampicillin

Fish-grade tetracycline

Baby syringe w/needle

Disposable rubber gloves, box

syringe/no needle

Thin airline tube

Water storage bin *see Water Storage

Paper towels

Screen-top cover

Daylight equivalent fluorescent


Low glass waterdish

Sponges bought at petshop

Neosporin, NO anesthesia!

Mortar and pestle

Glass measuring cups, (a large 4 quart Pyrex one will do the trick)

Quat anti-fungal

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