Caresheet for Pseudacris crucifer, or the springpeeper

Pseudacris crucifer is a North American songster that delights all who await spring! This frog is distinguished by the 'X' seen on his back. A tiny but vibrant little frog, (grows only 3/4" to 1-3/8") he prefers boggy creek areas that are heavily treed, and shrub edges as home. One of the first frogs to begin breeding after the snows break.

Peepers breed in southern areas of the country from November through March. In northern states, they breed March through June, with start of warming rains.

When I was a kid though, and lived up north, they began croaking while the snow was still on the ground, beginning to melt but still there. ( I would sneak out and observe them while in trouble at home, lol,...for sneaking outside before daylight...ahhh, fo the love of a frog! :)


The Spring peeper needs a 10 to 20 gallon tank that includes a pool with plants around the edge. Place a sponge type filter on the water pool as peepers do love soaking in it. Screened tight-fitting top (very small openings in screen) with fluorescent day-strength lighting. For substrate, use dichondra, organic foam or live moss. Scatter slate rocks on one side of tank for shelter.

Temps range between 75° to 80° in summer and fall seasons to 65 ° in winter and spring. The hygrometer should stay moderate throughout the year, ranging between 55% to 70%.

Clean the tank once a week by lightly spraying the substrate to remove ammonia buildup. Remove any frog feces you find. Do not house this frog with any other species! Because he is non-aggressive as well as small, he will become prey. Keep fish and snails out of his vivarium.

Once a month carefully locate the frog(s) inside the tank, then gently place a glass container over them. This will allow you to thoroughly clean the entire tank without having to remove them. Spray Quat antifungal throughout now. Remove any dying moss or other plants and replace. If you have used a sponge filter, then instead of daily water changes, you can change 1/2 the water every few days, scrubbing the pool with clean brush to remove scum. Replace water with treated water only.

Springtails, pinhead crickets, tiny red earthworms, fruit flies, termites, fly maggots, white flies as a staple.

Do not handle this anuran unless absolutely necessary, and then use Proper procedures.

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