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Ladybug Life cycle
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Land, creating a crawling-out space for morphed froglets.
Life Cycle Chart, Typical Frog


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Life cycle of parasitic trematode Chart (1)
Litoria caerulea   See also: Litoria caerulea & Litoria caerulea
Litoria caerulea, bathing
Song available Litoria caerulea


Shumway Gail Shumway is a photographer with lovely photos of many frogs from around the world. You can see several of her works on my website. At the link provided here, you can order Gail's beautiful coffee table worthy book (seen to your right.) is responsible for the strange and unusual morphed 'zebra frog' (worked through photoshop) are seen on the page The Frog Pond are responsible for the title photos seen on my pages The Frog Pond and as the title (top) shot on the Tadpole Care Page. is responsible for the harlequin frogs in amplexus title photo seen on my Breeding Frogs Page.

RainForestStationPets.comis responsible for the title photo of the Vivarium you can order from them seen on my Vivarium II Page. is responsible for the title photo of the lovely 'underwater garden' on my Water 101 Page. is responsible for the title fruit fly photo on my Raising Insects Page. is responsible for the title photo on my Frog RX Care Page. is responsible for the gorgeous title photo of the rainforest waterfall found on my Frog Quarantine Page. is responsible for the beautiful title photo shot of the raindrops on leaves photo on my Frog Breeding Rainchamber Page. They have many lovely screensavers, which this picture is one of. is responsible for the title photo of the morhping smokey jungle froglet on my Tadpole Development/Anuran Parental Care Page.See the entire process of this tadpole changing into a frog there. Great page for children to be able to see a frog change from 'tadpole to teenager' in photo-form!

This link will take you to where you can get this book: Frogs:A Chorus of Colors I used a diagram from this book on the Tadpole Mouths photo to show you the tadpole's different mouth shapes is from this exquisite book. A must for those of you who are delving into the sometimes secretive, but always lovely; world of the beautiful frogs!

LINKS, RESEARCH Inibico is a wonderful group of mostly German Scientists who research poison dart frogs in South America. Their research has helped many frog populations worldwide. Their 'recipes' for some of the treatments I use on my own frogs are from these cunning men and momen.

USGS-Tadpole ID If you've ever needed to identify a tadpole, this website is for you! They list information AND have photo of every frog in North America, including Canada. A must go-to-site for those seeking to identify their mystery tadpoles. You can search by state, region, family of anuran, etc.

Pyramid Lake Piaute Tribe of Native American Indians Amphibian Page will teach you about native northern Nevada frogs, toads and salamanders. Nice photos and good information. Includes information on Hyla regilla, leopard frogs, spadefoot toads and others.

Amphibian Ark is a wonderful website pertaining to amphibians. Great for parents who are homeschooling their kids, and want them to learn more about conservation of this wonderful group of animals.

The following excerpt is from the New Research in Arabuko-Sokoke forest website. A very interesting and informative site.

During the long rains of 1992 in the Arabuko-Sokoke, scientists were able to document frog species in this forest emerging at different times to begin breeding; thus, there are "early" breeders and "late" breeders. On the night of August 27, 1987 Academy scientists watched as a spiny reed frog approached a foam nest as it was being constructed by two males and a female foam-nest treefrog, about 8' above the water.

The spiny reed frog actually thrust the entire forward half of its body into the foam nest and appeared to be eating eggs within the nest. This behavior was unexpected as frogs usually eat living insects.

If you'd like to read a study done by 'Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences', dated in 1997, it had found that salamander embryos that were exposed to UVB had higher embryo mortalities than those who had been shielded from UVB. Source and Offsite Link: PNAS.

A great Australian website offering information on frog health, native species, conservation and other important frog news is The FDR Project. Further Education for children about frogs and toads. Lovely site!
Homeschooling? Need supplies for Science projects to teach at home? Wards has all kinds of great scientific research supplies for all ages, including books, micorscopic slides, and many other projects and fields of sciences. Check them out, great prices too! is packed with updated information on frogs and toads and how you can help to save their dwindling opulations. Links to other cool sites pertaining to frogs, and a lovely chorus of frogsongs opens when you clikc this link!

Read more about chytrid's beginnings and how Scientists are trying to stop it's spread and save our frogs. Excellent article with award winning journalist Jenni Laidman as writer.More on Chytrid

Steve Bush and colleagues have done some NEW and UPDATED research on chytrid. By the way, Steve isn't taking credit for research, he's just trying to bring it along to the frog community. Read about it here: Chytrid treatment.








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