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Mystery Tadpole-I can't I.D. these tadpoles!
USGS-Tadpole ID If you've ever needed to identify a tadpole, this website is for you! They list information AND have photo of every frog in North America, including Canada. A must go-to-site for those seeking to identify their mystery tadpoles. You can search by state, region, family of anuran, etc.

Tadpole Development
Tadpoles, separating
Tadpoles, how many in each tank?
Tadpoles, culling
Tadpoles, feeding underwater plants to
Tadpoles, feeding
Tadpoles, lighting
Mantella tadpoles, feeding
Tadpoles, African clawed frog
Tadpoles, Ceratophrys (Pac-Man frog)
Tadpole, heating for
Tadpole, oxygen in tanks
Tadpoles with snails?
Tadpole to Morph Table
Tadpoles, keeping a journal on
Tadpole, water filtration for
Tadpoles, cannibalism
Tadpoles, algae tank
Land, creating a crawling-out space

Temperatures for frogs
Temperature in relationship to body color
Temperature Converter
Temperature & Heating the vivarium
Termites, culturing
Toxins, skin of frogs
Transporting frogs
Treating, water:with chemicals
Treating, Water: though use of an algae tank
Trematodes, definition.
Trematodes, Life cycle Chart (1)
Tubifex worms, culturing


Special Tadpoles & Froglet Feeding Table
Tadpole to Morph table

Air Circulation
Back Wall of Tank
Pool, Water source
Plants, Plantings
Substrata, Substrate
Shopping List
Temperature & Heating
Temperate Forests

Tapeworms, (Spirometra) inflicted frog (1) + description.
Trematodes, Lifecycle of (1)
Trematodes, where your pet picks them up (1)
Trematodes, Description & Lifecycle of parasitism
Temperatures for frogs
Teacher's Aid, 125 Page Photo Fuilled PDF Online File from Dr. Kerry Krieger, World Expert on Frogs and other Amphibians∼FREE SAFE DOWNLOAD








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