Frog Glossary B

Basking: In reptiles and amphibians, the act of lying on a warmed stone or dark pavement heats their bodies as the sun warms the surface. Some species of frogs will also bask at the edge of lakes, streams, and ponds, totally exposed to the rays of the sun.
Batracho: The Greek word for Frog

Biocontainment: The procedures needed to ensure that infectious agents do not escape from your quarantine room, a lab, main tank or infected husbandry areas.
Black Light: Black light is a long wavelength. It has a range of approx. 320-380 nanometers. UV-A ('A' being a category of strength starting out as 'C', most risky, to 'A', least risky.) waves are commonly called Black Light or Wood's Light. Long waves can pigment your skin but will not cause sunburn. Eye protection is not required, but recommended.
Brumation: The reptilian and amphibian equivalent of mammilian hibernation. Bears hibernate, frogs brumate.
Buffer: Relating to water, the ability to recharge, or recycle and clean itself naturally as it can in nature. Example would be: Mountain water coming from the mouth of a stream runs down the mountain. As it does, it is aerated and scrubbed by tumbling across algae mats, limestone rock, slate, and other types of stone. The closer it gets to the valley (If no contaminates are in the chain) the cleaner the water is. PH balance will also be in the neutral range.
Bufo or Bufonid: Referring to a toad. The family that toads belong to.

Heleophryne Rosei, or Table Mountain Ghost frog, is very endangered








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