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MarOxy: MarOxy is a medication created by Mardel Laboratories. It is a broad-based antifungal medication for use with fish.
Medication measurements: Click the link for equivalent measurements table page. Frog Medication Conversion Table
Melanin: Melanin is responsible for creating skin color in animals, the darker the melanin, the darker the skin, etc.
Melanism: A condition in which a profusion of dark or black pigmentation occurs.
Metamorph: Baby anuran, recently transformed into the tadpole stage.
Metamorphosis: The transformation from one stage of life to another.
Microhylid: A narrow-mouthed toad, or one of its relatives.
Microhabitat: A microhabitat describes a small area that is affected climatically different than the surrounding area. Imagine small hills and valleys, each containing various plant species. The height above sea level and the thickness of the surrounding plants all work together to create slight differences in temperature. Different insects prefer different plant food sources, and so certain frogs may also enjoy eating these particular bugs. All of these things combined create a small "micro" environment, or habitat, where one will find a limited variety of certain species. Also called Microclimate or Biome .
Mid-dorsal: Pertaining to the middle of the back.
Mid-ventral: Pertaining to the center of the belly or the abdomen of the anuran.
Monogenea: A subclass of trematoda that are ectoparasitic of fish gills, skin and orifices of fish, and sometimes of the throat and bladders of amphibians and turtles.
Monotypic: Containing only one type.
Morbidity: Clinical disease
Motile: To move, movement
Mycobacterium: Rod-shaped bacteria that are saprophytic or disease causing. A genus of Actinobacteria, given its own family, the Mycobacteriaceae. The genus includes pathogens known to cause serious diseases in mammals, including tuberculosis and leprosy. The Latin prefix "myco" means both fungus and wax; its use here relates to the "waxy" compounds in the cell wall.
Myleucistic: Lacking normal pigmentation cells in the skin, causing "albino". In nature, these animals would surely be quickly found as prey. In our homes as pets, they are considered unusual and sought after.








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