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Ecosystem: The complex of a community of organisms and its environment functioning as an ecological unit.
'Ecto-': "ecto" is a greek prefix that translates into English meaning "Outer" or "outside". Example would be "ectodermis". This would be the outer-most layer of your skin. "Ex-" also means "outer". Example: Exdoskeleton, as an insects' skeleton is the hard shell, no interior bones.
Eft: The juvenile, terrestrial phase of newts.
'Endo-': "endo" is a latin prefix translated into English meaning "Inside" or "Inner". Example would be "endoskeleton". Frogs have endoskeletons, as their bones are contained underneath their skins.
Emerging infectious disease: An infectious disease that has newly appeared and/or is increasing in occurrence and geographical range.
Endemic: Refers to a region where an animal is found in; confined to, or native of.
Epiphytic: To grow on another plant, usually for support and sometimes to derive nutrients from air and water at higher altitudes.
Explosive breeder: A species in which the breeding season is very short, usually at the time of the very first heavy rains. This type of breeding results in large numbers of the same species meeting and mass breeding at that time.

Telmatobufo bullocki juvenile, also known as Bullocks False toad, is a highly endangered species








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