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Fauna: Animals characteristic of a region, period, or special environment.
Femoral gland: A gland on the thigh.
Femur: The part of the leg between hip and knee.
Field Plankton: The tiny, almost unseen insects that inhabit open grain-fields and large grassy areas. Among field plankton would be insect larvae, tiny flies, miniature land crustaceans, insect eggs, aphids, etc.
Filter feeder: A tadpole that eats only microscopic particles. It's mouthparts are created specifically to eat only the smallest of water particles, unseen by the naked human eye.
Flagellum: A whip-like extension of certain cells or unicellular organisms that serves in locomotion. Also meaning a "whip".
Flora: Plants that are characteristic of a region, period, or special environment.
Form: An identifiable species or sub-species.
Fossorial: Refers to burrowing, or living underground.
Fluorescent (lamp): A lamp which produces light largely by conversion of ultraviolet (see UV) energy from a low-pressure mercury arc to visible light.

Leiopelma archeyii, or Archeys frog, is very endangered








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